Macheo was started in 2005 with only one purpose:


Reason for this is that we find it unacceptable that the simple (bad) luck of where you are born determines the rest of your life and your future chances so much. We call this “the lottery of life”.

While working towards creating a fairer future for Kenyan children we never compromise on the following guiding principles:

  • Macheo works for vulnerable children in Kenya;
  • This vulnerability is highly complex, and therefor we do not believe in “one solution fits all” approaches, but we believe in tailor made solutions;
  • Every child has a right to a safe, loving, caring and stimulating family;
  • Wherever possible we cooperate with the local Government, we will not duplicate or compete;
  • Macheo strives towards maximum impact, maximum social return on investment.

Empathy is a crucial part of working with vulnerable children and their caregivers. However, we also recognize that empathy and commitment to the cause can negatively influence objectivity.

To create more objectivity and through that also more efficiency and quality for the children we serve, we decided to separate the stages in our process into three phases: diagnosis – service delivery – evaluation.

The diagnosis

The diagnosis is done by Macheo’s Area Social Workers. For this they use the Child Status Index tool. This is a verified tool that looks at children’s wellbeing holistically, looking at: care, protection, health, food & nutrition, education & skills, psychosocial wellbeing and shelter. Based on the needs identified through this tool the Area Social Workers will make referrals to usually multiple services that are deemed necessary for the children.

The service delivery

An Area Social Worker can refer internally or externally. An internal referral is a referral to one of Macheo’s colleagues to provide the services. We only provide ourselves if there is no other accessible, effective and/or affordable other service provider.

The services that Macheo provides in 2022 are:

  1. CHILD CARE & PROTECTION (temporary residential care; family reintegration; alternative family care & foster care; baby-house; rescue from abuse & neglect; prevention of abuse & neglect)
  2. FACILITATE EMERGENCY FAMILY SUPPORT (cash transfer for immediate relief, always temporary and short-term)
  3. INDIVIDUAL SCHOOL SUPPORT (assist in payment of school fees, provision of uniforms, provision of desks, remedial teaching)
  4. PHYSICAL HEALTH SUPPORT (helping people to access medical services; help malnourished children through information, training, provide meals and care; provide deworming)
  5. MENTAL HEALTH SUPPORT (provide both individual and group counselling)
  6. FAMILY ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT(help breadwinners to get a stable income through business start-up or job mediation)
  7. LIFE SKILLS TRAINING (reproductive health & life skills training; sports & games in schools)
  8. ASSIST TEENAGE MOTHERS (medical assistance, parenting training, counselling, skills training and/or business start up)
  9. PHYSICAL LIVING & LEARNING CONDITIONS (improve household physical living conditions and school infrastructure)
  10. SCHOOL FEEDING (lunch, porridge)

The evaluation

After all services have been given the Area Social Worker evaluates whether the services have created the desired impact. To determine this the Child Status Index tool is used again. The difference is the progress in the child’s wellbeing. This is the impact Macheo (co-)created.

Data-collection, verification & storage

All data is collected from the staff using mobile phones, Macheo has developed it’s own apps to collect this data. All privacy protocols are observed during collection and handling and we are fully compliant with all relevant laws.

The data entered is internally verified through checks by a different colleague from our Monitoring & Evaluation department. This way we filter out mistakes on entering and have a higher quality of data entering our database.

Inside the database the data is again automatically checked for mistakes and possible mistakes are removed from the database.

Macheo uses Microsoft Azure database, which is meeting the highest standards on security and privacy protection.

Data visualization

From the database, using Microsoft PowerBi software, we are able to provide dashboards showing the progress our clients have made towards the set targets, like here below on the left is an example of one of our interventions “Household Economic Strengthening”, through which we help families whose economic challenges are one of the reasons for low well-being of their children.

These dashboards are used internally to monitor progress, but are also used to inform Macheo’s funding partners of the difference their financial support makes in the lives of the children we serve!

As mentioned, Macheo is not an organization that focuses on one aspect of Child Development. We know child development is multi-dimensional, we believe our solutions should be as well, that is why we take a holistic approach. This also means that the impact should be measured holistically, for which Macheo uses the Child Development Index.

In the dashboard on the right, we show the progress the children have made since intake to the moment of exit, thanks to the different interventions that took place!

Join us!

Charitable work must be done with care! Have you become enthusiastic about the way we work too? Join us! We can achieve much more together.

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