Despite our commitment towards the quality of our information we regret that we can not guarantee that the information on this website is always accurate or complete.

  • In no way can anyone derive any rights or claims from the information presented on this website
    Macheo does not accept any responsibility for any misinformation. We do appreciate it if you would report any misinformation through
  • Any information, suggestions for improvement and messages that Macheo receives as a consequence from the website are regarded as not confidential. Macheo assumes this information is intended to be used freely without need for any further prior agreement.
  • Any personal information provided will be treated confidentially by us.
  • All the names of children and adults that are being assisted by Macheo are fictional. All stories are real, but we respect and protect the privacy of the individuals.
  • Macheo maintains the right to improve and/or change any information on her website at any given moment.

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