The ICCP is divided in 3 areas of interest:

  1. The child’s development needs

The child’s development needs

Food and Nutrition

Food and nutrition play a vital role in a child’s development. We made sure that every child in our care had ample access to food and that their individual nutritional requirements were met.


We strongly advocate for every child’s fundamental right to a safe, dignified, stable, and sufficient shelter, which is crucial for their overall well-being and development. We have implemented proactive measures to uphold high standards of hygiene in all our houses. During the period, there were some minor repairs that had not been addressed, but we are actively working on resolving them to ensure a conducive environment for all children. Additionally, we provided each child with appropriately fitting and warm clothing suitable for all weather conditions. As a result of these efforts, we achieved an 88% success rate in this domain.


During this period, caregivers offered attentive and nurturing care to the children, addressing their physical and emotional requirements. Nonetheless, there was one case of a child experiencing suicidal thoughts, posing a significant challenge for the caregiver and social workers. With the support of a counselor and psychiatrist, the child received assistance, including ongoing anti-depressant medication and counseling sessions. The child is currently making progress and responding positively to the treatment and support provided. We also encountered another challenge with a child who was under the influence of drugs. Handling this situation proved to be challenging, but thanks to the collaborative efforts of counselors, the child is making progress. Ongoing counseling sessions continue to support the child’s recovery journey.

Abuse and exploitation

We offered education to the children in our care regarding their rights and responsibilities, empowering them to safeguard themselves. Unfortunately, there was one incident of child-to-child abuse. It’s important to note that this isolated case was promptly and professionally addressed, and both children involved are now making progress

Legal protection

We offered crucial support to 15 children, ensuring that their court cases received the necessary attention and advocating for their rights through proper legal representation. Additionally, we facilitated the acquisition of birth certificates for 3 children. As a result of our efforts, we achieved a 53% success rate in this domain. The remaining 47% is attributed to pending court cases awaiting rulings and to issues within the court system that delayed the acquisition of 5 committal orders. However, the court system is currently addressing these issues and working on processing the orders, we also remain engaged in closely monitoring the progress of each case.


To enhance the well-being of the children, we have implemented and encouraged age-appropriate games that promote physical activity. As a result, we attained a 93% success rate in this area, contributing to the children’s physical fitness and overall health. The remaining 7% is related to three children who were unwell during this period and were unable to participate physically. However, these children are currently making progress, and they have started regaining their physical fitness.

Health care services

We effectively enrolled the children under our care in medical coverage, ensuring their access to essential medical services and assisting in covering certain medical expenses. However, three children were not enrolled due to a lack of birth certificates, which we are actively working to resolve in order to enrol them in medical coverage. Additionally, we had three children who fell ill but received external treatment and are currently under medication, showing positive progress. As a result of these efforts, we achieved 87 % success rate in this area.

Emotional Health

Our goal is to provide emotional support, happiness, and contentment to all children under our care, fostering a positive outlook on life for each of them. Throughout this period, many children successfully adjusted to their new environment and developed strong bonds with their caregivers. However, some children are still in the process of adjusting. Our caregivers and counselors are collaborating to ensure that these children transition smoothly and adapt well. As a result of our efforts, we achieved an 89% success rate in this area.

Social behaviour

Upon observation, we identified behavioral issues in 6 children. Immediate counseling sessions were initiated, and these sessions are currently ongoing. We have successfully achieved 88% of our set goals in addressing these behavioral issues. Our commitment remains steadfast in providing continuous counseling sessions to ensure the well-being and improvement of these children’s behavioral issues.


At Macheo, we prioritize providing access to education as a fundamental objective, understanding its crucial role in the overall well-being of children. We achieved 73% of our targets in this area. We identified 12 children with below-average academic performance, along with 2 others facing challenges in applying essential life skills. Additionally, 2 children encountered difficulties in reading and writing despite being in higher classes, stemming from experiences at home that impacted their learning. We are providing them with the necessary support and conducting training to help them improve in these areas.

Spiritual development

Our goal is to ensure that all children receive spiritual nourishment and experience growth in their spirituality. To achieve this, we actively involve all children under our care in church activities. We encountered one child who was unable to pray, and efforts are currently underway to provide the necessary training on how to pray. Additionally, we had another child who was not willing to attend church with the other children and preferred to stay at Macheo on Sundays. We respected her decision. As a result of these efforts, we achieved a 97% success rate in fostering the children’s spiritual growth.

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