Purpose of the function

The Education and Skills Coordinator will manage the provision of quality, efficient and reliable services in Education and skills domain’s interventions to Macheo adults and children through the provision of the selected service(s).

He/She will provide operational leadership, management and coordination of interventions within the Education and Skills domain based on Macheo’s goals, available funds, objectives and core values and in compliance with applicable policies, procedures, regulations and standards.
He/She will work/consult closely with other service delivery coordinators and Area Social Workers to ensure that the domain’s goals and in extension organizational goals are achieved.
He/ she will work closely with finance and admin departments to create further impact and a stronger organization

The position is responsible for the following interventions:

  1. Individual School Support
    • Payment of school fees
    • Provision of desks
    • Remedial Teaching
  2. Life skills training
    • Reproductive health & life skills training
    • Sports and games in schools
  3. School feeding
    • Lunch
    • Porridge
  4. School infrastructure

School feeding

Key result areas

Service Delivery

  • Provide support, guidance, assistance and knowledge in the capacity of coordinator for education & skills to the service provision staff in the interventions
  • Lead in the development of the Education & Skills domain’s materials and tools.
  • Manage the Education & Skills team to ensure timely quality service delivery in line with Macheo’s approach and other best practices in the Education & Skills field. 
  • Support service providers to provide Education & Skills services to vulnerable individuals and families and ensure appropriate case documentation is done and maintained.
  • Support the development and/or improvement of referral pathways internal to the organization and with external service providers to strengthen links to available services for Education & Skills
  • Lead the development of appropriate Macheo Children’s Organisation materials on Education & Skills to build awareness of services and promote key messages/ information to concerned children and adults, donors, colleagues and other relevant stakeholders. 
  • Maintain and improve desired level of quality of service delivery at the minimum cost possible and constantly work towards better service delivery by making improvements in existing services.

Result: To contribute to improved quality and impact in service delivery

Implementation of interventions

  • To ensure good strategies for service delivery in conjunction with the Manager, Service Delivery.
  • To ensure implementation and execution of the interventions strategy and plans with use of appropriate tools for monitoring and evaluation and guidance of staff.
  • To engage in troubleshooting amongst children and adults and partners or otherwise if necessary.
  • To ensure good quality of periodical reports and periodical plans and analyse the outputs and outcome against the strategic direction.
  • Participate in designing and responsible for implementation of Quality management systems in the domain.

Result: Improved quality of implementation and execution of the interventions by Macheo in order to fulfil its vision and mission and maximise impact.

Service Delivery Monitoring, Capacity-Building & Coordination 

  • Provide continual technical support and monitoring of Education & skills domain activities for capacity-building.
  • Ensure participation from adults and children and other key stakeholders in intervention design, implementation and evaluation and feedback mechanisms for accountability.
  • Work closely with support departments to support service delivery administration and the logistical implementation of interventions
  • Coordinate regularly with other service delivery teams within Macheo and Areas for integrated activities and comprehensive services.
  • Participate in relevant coordination mechanisms for the provision of Education & Skills services, sharing of relevant information, advocacy on key issues, and development of domain’s strategy.
  • Support the development and ensure use of appropriate M & E tools, including the use of Macheo standardized tools, and the collection of relevant data from adults and children as per policy/procedure.
  • Provide technical support and advice to service providers as well as M&E
  • In charge regarding procedures, tools and project management as well as M&E tools and outcome projections.

Result: Improved quality of implementation and execution of the Education & Skills domains by Macheo in order to fulfill its vision and mission.


  • Ensure tracking of clients and documentation of all activities and outcomes. 
  • Participate in preparation of internal and external reports, including submission of monthly and quarterly reports to the Manager – Service Delivery, Finance, M &E and other relevant offices.
  • Ensure that files and documentation are maintained as per interventions management minimum standards, including maintaining the confidentiality and security of interventions’ client data. 
  •  Ensure service delivery within the domains is on track to meet objectives; reporting daily on important issues that are cross-cutting, highlight emerging trends and generally provide feedback to assist in decision making.

Result: Information is captured and communicated in accurate, objective and complete reports while maintaining data privacy


  • Primary responsible for advocacy, lobbying and networking within Education and Skills domains across the 6 geographical areas of Macheo operations. 
  • To keep abreast of Education and skills trends in relation to the Macheo Theoretical framework and identify and exchange information with relevant representatives of organisations/ institutions.
  • In consultation with the Manager, to share Macheo’s work and have an overview of the work of likeminded (I)NGO’s and government bodies operating in similar  programmes; establish contacts and represent Macheo in (I)NGO and government bodies that complement the work of Macheo and/or partner organisations.
  • Participate in Coordination Platforms (Education & Skills) for sharing information, contributing to strengthened collaboration with colleagues and partners, referral mechanisms, and advocacy for best practices and relevant guidelines.
  • Engage teachers, education officers, community leaders, community-based organizations, and other service providers in supporting children to access Education & Skills Services. 
  • To ensure good client and partner networks and working relations

Result: Improved networking, learning and sharing of key developments across the organization and with other external stakeholders.

HR & leadership

  • To lead, manage and guide Education & Skills domain’s staff in an inspiring way and in line with the Macheo HRM policy.
  • To promote the organizational values to the employees and lead by example.
  • To create a positive working environment and keep staff up to date on the domains and organizational developments.
  • Conduct on-the-job supervision and training assessments to evaluate key competencies and training needs of Education & Skills interventions staff and update training plan accordingly.
  • Train or facilitate for training of Education & Skills service providers in case management, and other relevant trainings as needed
  • Participate in recruitment of new staff and program start-up in new areas as and when necessary. 
  •  Support with team-building, carry out performance reviews three times every year, as well as support professional development of staff.

Result: The team is led in an inspiring way and in line with the HRM policy, creating a positive work environment that allows for creative thinking, positive attitude, teamwork and self-development.

Other responsibilities

  • To work together closely with the Manager – Service Delivery, other program coordinators, Area Social Workers as well as the Area Coordinator.
  • To perform other duties as relevant for the program (e.g. to participate in policy development, provide advice on programs, provide feedback on annual plans or reports etc) as per request.
  • From own practice formulate advices, solicited or unsolicited, for improvement of performance of the Macheo Education & Skills team/interventions and organizational improvement (for example on quality management and knowledge management) to work towards the organizational vision and mission.
  • Any other duty as may be allocated from time to time.

Knowledge, experience and skills

  • Bachelor’s Degree or a Diploma in a relevant field
  • At least 3 years of relevant work experience in programme implementation and management,
  • Basic accounting knowledge
  • Impact oriented
  • Knowledge of the social, religious and political structures of Macheo area of operation
  • Excellent writing skills in English and computer skills is an asset
  • Planning and Organizing skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Proactive
  • Networking skills

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