In a nutshell

Catherine received mental and practical assistance: she and her children were in danger. The hospital bills were negociated by Macheo.

The full story

Ever since Catherine came into contact with Sarah, a psychological assistant at Macheo, her life has made a turn for the better. She used to be severely depressed; she had isolated herself in her house even considered taking the life of herself and her children. The situation she and her children found themselves in appeared hopeless: Catherine was on her own, without income, without husband and without family. Her hospital bills had skyrocketed. Her youngest child was born prematurely and required long-term care in the hospital. Catherine had to stay with her child until it was well enough to be able to go home. Macheo provided her psychological aid and arranged a cancellation of her bills with the hospital. Catherine has now learned to believe in herself again now, and is able to take good care of her children.

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