In October, during the Wilde Ganzen-Partin month, attention was paid in various ways to the theme “A home for every child”.

Director Marnix Huis in ‘t Veld explains in a 6-minute video why Macheo has signed the Dutch pledge’ #Every Child a family ‘. The video was made by one of the initiators of the pledge, Monique Derrez, who visited Macheo and interviewed Marnix Huis in ‘t Veld, the founder of Macheo Children’s Organization.

Vieuw the film here:

Macheo and Wilde Ganzen

Macheo was one of eight selected organizations (from more than 60 submissions!) That were allowed to share ideas with the public that help children to have a safe home in a family situation during a seminar of Wilde Ganzen. Macheo has presented the Family Strengthening Program.

Research shows that children grow up happiest at home, in a safe and loving family situation. That is also a basic right of every child. Unfortunately, the reality is often different.

By signing the pledge #Every Child a family, the supporting organizations declare that family is the place for a child to grow up. They call on other NGO’s, companies, churches and schools to invest in family-oriented care. Long-term care for children in orphanages without a focus on reintegration is not one of them. The number of organizations that support the pledge will also increase in 2020.

Change from traditional orphanage to customization

In the video Marnix Huis in ‘t’ Veld also provides insight into how Macheo has made the transition from a traditional orphanage to an organization that delivers tailor-made solutions with a holistic approach to prevent childcare in homes.

Macheo now focuses on addressing problems when they are still solvable within the family. Unfortunately, temporary care for children is still needed in Kenya as a safety net. Marnix also explains how Macheo is directly committed to family reunification in the case of temporary shelter.

Interested parties are welcome to contact us if they want to know more about Macheo and the change that has made the organization successful:

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