Macheo immediately decided to continue to pay the employees at the start of te limited lockdownd in Kenya. How important it is to do so, is evident if we read their personal stories. We asked them to write down how the crisis affected their daily lives. We received heartbreaking stories of people trying to survive. Where only one modest income means the lifeline for entire families: children, parents in need, unemployed brothers and sisters. Sometimes also other vulnerable children who have been given a place in the house. What they wrote, deeply affects everyone who reads it.

I couldn’t sleep on this”, said Micheil Hoogerwerf, chairman of Macheo Netherlands.

There are eight of us, 7 sisters and a brother. Before the corona crisis, I supported my mother with my salary, because my father died. I also took care of my sister: a single mother, unemployed, with four children aged 10, 5 and 2, and a one month old baby. From my salary we paid for the basic needs of this family and what is needed for school. But as the corona crisis continues, my salary takes care of alle my sisters (4 of them are also single mothers) and their children, as well as my brother. All their income from the businesses or jobs they had, stopped

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